Little Critters Daycare and Preschool, Inc.

We offer programs for infants, toddlers, and preschool. Each classroom is designed for both fun and education with structure schedules that provides a variety of activities, lunch, rest time and indoor/ outdoor play times. We are open Monday thru Friday 7 am to 6 pm. We offer 2 days, 3 days, 4 days and fulltime spot for all our programs. There is a $50.00 dollar enrollment fee to hold your child’s spot. We are located in Hopedale Ma .

Infants Care: ( 8 weeks to 15 months)
We provide a safe, clean and large space for our infants. We are allowed 7 Infants in our program. Each baby gets the love and attention he or she needs throughout the day. We have rocking chairs to rock your infant to sleep, soothing music for the calmness in the classroom and lots of toys for playing.

Toddler Care: ( 15 months to 2.9 Years )
Our Toddler room is licensed for 9 Toddlers with 2 teachers. Teachers teach them with sharing and using words to communicate. They also teach them sign language at an early age. The classroom has a structured routine, with access to a variety of toys, activities, arts, and books.

Toddler / Preschool Care: (  2.9 Years to  3.5 Years)

Our Toddler / Preschool room is Licensed for 5 toddlers/ preschool with 1 teacher. The teachers prepares them for the transition to the Preschool room. The classroom has a structured routine, with access to variety of toys, activities, arts and books. They will also help with potty training.

Preschool 1: ( 3years to 4 years )
Our Preschool 1 program gets them ready to move to Preschool 2 . They can start potty traning in this room if they arent already. Our program focuses on learning through play, role-playing, hands-on activities and preparing your child for kindergarten. Our curriculum includes math, science, gross motor skills, rhyming and how to share with our freinds .

Preschool 2:( 4years to 5years ) Our Preschool Program is based on weekly themes with a daily worksheet and projects along with a variety of activities. Our Program gets them ready for the next big thing in life Kindergarten. They also focuses on learning though play, role-playing, hands on activities and preparing your child for kindergarten . Our curriculum inculdes math, science, gross motor skills, rhyming and Learning how to write .

Caring Staff: Our staff is all EEC certified teachers, trained in first aid and CPR every year and are dedicated to careers in education. Each staff is CORI, DCF and SORI checked before hired and also fingerprinted.

Playgrounds: Our playground is full of fun and is a safe place for the children to get 60 mins of outdoor play each day. Our playground is shared with all the classrooms and each classroom has a schedule time to be outside.

Tumble Bus comes the 2 Monday’s a month. Parents Pay

Music Classes : This is afford twice a month on Wednesday (Center Pays)

Virtual Tours COMING SOON !